Write to Read (Education System – Denmark base Schools)

  • Write to Read (Education System – Denmark base Schools)

For more than 200 years, we have taught our children how to write and read the same way. Still, every fifth child today is a functional illiterate. Being both, parents and passionate teachers, this made us think: Okay, if children can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach them the way they want to learn. And, by creating WriteReader, we have done just that.

Children learn by being motivated, and they are not motivated by putting A, B and C in different orders; they get motivated by stories about dinosaurs, Cristiano Ronaldo, skateboarding and pink, fluffy unicorns. So, we let children write books about their big passions without any kind of spelling correction to slow them down or kill their motivation. A teacher or a parent then corrects the spelling later on. So, the focus is on comparing, not correcting. Actually, this is pretty much the way we teach our children how to talk.

Our dream is to change lives by changing writing from being a potentially losing game into a rewarding experience where children share and become proud writers. Be a WriteReader – Just go ahead!

Client: Education System - Denmark base Schools

Location: Denmark

Area: United Kingdom

Value: 4700 USD

Completed date: 2019

Category: Application Development, Graphic Design


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