GMIS (Grants Management Information System)

  • GMIS (Grants Management Information System)

Grants Management Information System (GMIS) is a web application, which ensures transparency, accountability and efficiency. It is the first of its kind being used by any of the donors or fund management projects in Pakistan. This system streamlines allocations and facilitates interaction among all stockholders involved in grants management process, supporting them in discharging their functions. The system provides for real time tracking of processes, tasks, reminders and feedback. One can’t access any of the GMIS data without properly logging into the system, having due permission granted from the Admin.

It has a role based module, through which the user can only access the data for his own role. The most important role of this system is the ‘Admin’ and the least important is ‘Applicant’. Applicant, can only submit their application, and can view and check its status in the application system.

Features include application submission, multitier application review process, monitoring and evaluation process, grants making process, finance invoice process linked with organisational milestones and a host of other auxiliary features. This system is developed in PHP 7 with MySQL along with other tools like JavaScript, HTML, CSS and JQuery.

Client: GMIS

Location: United Kingdom

Value: 5200 USD

Completed date: 2017

Category: Application Development, Graphic Design


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