Workflow Management (Process Automation)

  • Workflow Management (Process Automation)

Process Automation is our activity management system, which, in addition to the traditional case management, can support any business area in your organisation or company, such as legal case management, various forms of project management, HR tasks or processing grant applications. It is a very simple system and therefore, easy and intuitive to work in for everyone. It offers functionalities that characterise traditional case management systems.

At the same time, ECM and ESDH systems make it possible to manage and align workflows and activities, so that your users can work much more efficiently. Our system is a standard system that, thanks to its simple structure, can be quickly adapted to each customer by means of its built-in configuration options. The system is developed on the Sharepoint and Microsoft standard platforms, and naturally meets the GDPR requirements.

Client: Workflow Management

Location: United Kingdom

Value: 4600 USD

Completed date: 2019

Category: Application Development, Graphic Design


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