$200 per course
Advanced Training Course

Gain insight on how to improve sales on Amazon. This training module is more beneficial for a seller who has been on Seller Central for two to three months and who wants to learn more advanced tips and tricks to expand business and increase revenue. Service providers offer in-person training on how to optimize pricing automatically to win the Buy Box, run Lightning Deals and other promotions, increase search relevance of product listings by adding keywords in the descriptions, run Sponsored Product campaigns to boost impressions of your listings, and use business reports to design business strategy.

$100 per course
Basic Training Course

Learn the basics of selling on Amazon and navigating Seller Central. Service providers offer in-person training on topics such as what you can sell, referral fees and other Amazon charges, and how to set up a seller account, create product listings, manage orders, create reports, manage inventory, and understand payments. Learn best practices for managing customer reviews, and the pros and cons of shipping products yourself versus using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Helpful for newly launched sellers.

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